Spring term 4 week 2

We hope you have been enjoying the brighter, breezy weather this week.

We have been finding out what the children know this week, and will be looking at their next steps. Of course we assess the children on a daily basis as we play and work with them, but this week we have been looking in a lot more detail.

On Monday we were joined by Sean, an author, who came to tell a hilarious story to the children. There was lots of input and acting out of the story from the children. We chose The Three Little Pigs, but the children were invited to add new characters and scenarios. Who knew the three little pigs knew a rhinoceros who wanted to go to Cinderella’s ball?! We have also been getting to know Little Red Riding Hood (the Nick Sharratt version) and joining in with the rhyming patterns and refrains.

On Tuesday we had PE with Mr Davis, when we celebrated Pancake Day by tossing beanbag pancakes on our racquet frying pans, and we even had a pancake race! In the afternoon we talked about Fairtrade foods and what ‘fairtrade’ means, then we made yummy fairtrade chocolate cornflake cakes.

Next week we will be continuing to think about the Little Red Riding Hood story, in particular, her journey from her home to Granny’s house. We will also be touching on Stranger Danger, linking it to Little Red Riding Hood’s decision to talk to the wolf on her walk to Granny’s.