Spring term 4 week 3

This week we have been thinking about Little Red Riding Hood and making a display about her journey to Grandma’s house. We also thought about our own journeys to school. Some of us walk, scoot, cycle, or even float in a bubble! We have started acting out the story together, and on Thursday we made yummy jam tarts for Granny….well, not for Granny really! In PE we continued to work on hand eye co-ordination by balancing balls on racquets and trying to transfer the ball to our partner’s racquet – tricky!

We have been revising the high frequency words we have covered so far – both recognising them and having a go at writing them. Keep this up everyone! In maths we have been focusing on numbers 10-20.

It was great to see all the parents and carers at parents evenings this week – thank you for coming.

Next week we will be thinking about Little Red Riding Hood’s journey to Grandma’s house and drawing and labelling maps. We will be thinking about the feelings of the wolf in the story and also identifying and naming different musical instruments.




Spring term 4 week 2

We hope you have been enjoying the brighter, breezy weather this week.

We have been finding out what the children know this week, and will be looking at their next steps. Of course we assess the children on a daily basis as we play and work with them, but this week we have been looking in a lot more detail.

On Monday we were joined by Sean, an author, who came to tell a hilarious story to the children. There was lots of input and acting out of the story from the children. We chose The Three Little Pigs, but the children were invited to add new characters and scenarios. Who knew the three little pigs knew a rhinoceros who wanted to go to Cinderella’s ball?! We have also been getting to know Little Red Riding Hood (the Nick Sharratt version) and joining in with the rhyming patterns and refrains.

On Tuesday we had PE with Mr Davis, when we celebrated Pancake Day by tossing beanbag pancakes on our racquet frying pans, and we even had a pancake race! In the afternoon we talked about Fairtrade foods and what ‘fairtrade’ means, then we made yummy fairtrade chocolate cornflake cakes.

Next week we will be continuing to think about the Little Red Riding Hood story, in particular, her journey from her home to Granny’s house. We will also be touching on Stranger Danger, linking it to Little Red Riding Hood’s decision to talk to the wolf on her walk to Granny’s.


Spring term 4 Week 1

Welcome back! We hope you all had a great half term break.

This week we have been settling back in and remembering how to keep our classes happy places to be. We shared what we had done over the half term break and then wrote about it and drew pictures. Our words of the week this week were all, come, play. Please help your child to practice recognising these, plus all the words we have covered so far. Just a few minutes a day would be great! Thank you. We have been sharing traditional tales at story time this week, and trying to share less common ones such as The Elves and the Shoemaker.  We have also been looking at key vocabulary used in the story Little Red Riding Hood, which will be our story theme for the term. We talked about the meaning of words such as ‘cloak’ and ‘cunning’. We will start to share the story next week.

We have been doing lots of practical maths to order numbers, thinking about ‘more’ and ‘fewer’, and beginning to count back and forwards to add and subtract. In ICT we used the tablets to find art programs then used the programs to create our own pictures. On Tuesday Mr Davies got everyone using racquets and balls and we practised controlling the ball by dribbling it carefully from side to side. Not as easy as it first looks! Everyone tried really hard and we will continue to practice these skills throughout this term.

Next week we will be looking at what the children have learnt so far, and what everyone’s next steps will be. Please sign up for a parent appointment (on the class door) so we can share this with you. We will be sharing Little Red Riding Hood by Nick Sharrett, and really getting to know the story. We will also be celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight by making some yummy fairtrade chocolate cornflake cakes. Please encourage your child to look for the fairtrade symbol on packaging at home and when you are out shopping.

Spring term 1 week 5

We hope you got to enjoy the snow last week – we certainly did here at school!

This week we have been taking part in Children’s Mental Health Week by thinking about how we feel in different situations, and ways we can deal with our feelings if they start to take over. Look out for some of our work on a whole school display in the hall.

On Tuesday afternoon we celebrated Chinese New Year. We started  by finding out the story behind Chinese New Year. Ask your child which animal year it is! We  then tried some yummy Chinese food and made Chinese lanterns.

In maths we have been learning about weight and comparing objects by weight, learning to use balance scales. Our Words of the Week last week were are, day, they. This week they are of, said, going. Please keep revising the words in your child’s reading diaries, and do go back to earlier words that they may have forgotten. In PE we did some gymnastics activities in the hall with Mr Davies – great fun!

Next week we are continuing our theme of our feelings by thinking about who is special to us. We will also be doing some Valentine baking.

Chinese New Year

On Tuesday afternoon we will be celebrating Chinese New Year. The children will be taking part in art activities and have the opportunity to taste some Chinese food including noodles, sweet chilli sauce, prawn crackers and fortune cookies.

Please let a member of staff know if your child  cannot eat any of these.

Spring term Week 4

We have been finding out about Artic animals this week, and writing lists of things we would need to take if WE were going to the Artic. We are also making boats and testing them out in the water tray. We have been thinking about positional language and measuring using non-standard measures in maths. We are sharing non fiction books about winter, the Artic, Antarctica and anything related to these. Next week it is Children’s Mental Health Week and the whole school will be taking part in activities around this. We will be thinking about our emotions and how they make us feel and what we can do to help ourselves.

Just a couple of reminders please……

Please, please, please can you label all of your child’s uniform, especially PE kit. We waste valuable learning time trying to match up lost unlabelled PE kit to the right children. 

We will be sending all plimsolls home at half term for you to check they are still in wearable condition and the correct size.

Please make sure your child(ren) are fully supervised when waiting for the classroom doors to open in the morning to keep everyone safe and happy.  We really appreciate your support with this – thank you.

Spring term week 3

This week we have been continuing to use the story ‘Lost and Found’ as our focus. We have written about our favourite part of the story and discussed the penguin’s feelings, including loneliness. We talked about when we might feel lonely and what we could do if we thought a friend was lonely. We have shared lots of penguin/Antarctic themed stories this week. We have had great fun investigating freezing and melting, and we are carrying out an investigation into comparing where ice stays frozen for the longest. Will it be in the corridor? a cupboard? outside? the fridge? the freezer? Ask us later this week and we can tell you! In maths we have been practising writing numerals, partitioning numbers and solving problems using adding and partitioning.

Next week we will be continuing with our ‘Lost and Found’ theme, including designing, making and testing out boats for our mini plastic penguins, focusing on non-fiction books and learning about Arctic animals.

Week 2

This week we have started our topic for the term: ‘Lost and Found’. We began with an interesting visitor to each class……a penguin! We talked about where they came from, why they had come to us, what were their names. We then recorded our thoughts in our mark making books, and we will use the internet to answer some of our questions eg do penguins have ears? We shared the story ‘Lost and Found’ and used lots of story language discussing what might happen next, why, and so on. We have been doing lots of art related to penguins, ice and snow and winter, which we will continue through the term.  In maths we have been continuing to estimate quantities, using numicon, recognising numerals and understanding numbers (eg. knowing what ‘6’ is, comparing, understanding number order). On Tuesday we played a fun team game with Mr Davis (which also involved number work and listening skills). Next week we will be continuing with our theme ‘Lost and Found’.

As many of you will have noticed, the Foundation Stage is now finished – hurray! The children have been having lots of fun using it. Thank you for all your help with fund raising and helping to clear and tidy.

Spring Term Week 1: Welcome back!

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and you are all ready for the new term. We have been busy this week discussing and then writing about, our Christmas holidays. We have had a circle time to re-cap the school’s golden rules to help us to make our classes happy places to be. We have been using numicon in maths activities to understand number order and value, and we will  also be doing some estimating at the end of the week. Our high frequency ‘Words of the Week’ this week are ‘we‘ ‘up‘ and ‘can‘. We practice reading these every day, please help your child by practising at home too (flash cards, hide and seek with the words hidden around the house or garden etc). We are also sharing and discussing reading books.  Next week we will be starting our theme for the term ‘Lost and Found’ by reading the story book.

Please check bookbags this week for the termly door note for this term. This includes lots of useful information for the term – please read it! You should also have had a letter explaining the weighing and measuring of all Reception children that will take place in a couple of weeks at school.

We also need large cardboard boxes for next week – shoe box size and above please! We will be making ice blocks for our role play areas. Thank you for your help!


We’ve made it!! What an exciting end to our term. The children enjoyed a party day this week which included a surprise visit from Father Christmas. He was asked some interesting questions and the children sat brilliantly while he read a story. To add to the excitement we also had a magic show.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We will see you all back in school on a Monday 7th.